Miss Congeniality (No, Really) For Attack Dog?
By: Mark W Adams


But the former beauty queen is known as Sarah Barracuda, so this dog has teeth. Not that she's a dog or anything -- she's purrty, yep. As long as Biden remains the gentleman he is, there should be no worries at their debate. I hope.

Meanwhile, I continue to marvel at how out of left field Talk Left's Armando (BTD) continues to be this election cycle. Breaking with co-blogger Jeralyn Merrit (who doesn't really prove she's over her feminist blind-spot by staing the obvious -- that Palin simply isn't qualified and helps Obama more than McCain) Armando can't accept the ridiculousness of the Palin pick, thinking instead this is a calculatedly inspired attempt to strategically remake McCain's message.

Nor is he content to leave us with his, uhm ... interesting opinion. He sites approvingly fellow Klinton Kool Aid drinker Ed Kilgore with this nonsense:

I have to admit some significant disagreement with how most Democrats (including the Obama campaign) are reacting to the choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running-mate. Many are simply deriding Palin as a lightweight or someone obviously unqualifed to be commander-in-chief--another Dan Quayle. Others watched the event in Dayton and found the whole thing laughable.

. . . [W]hat I saw in Dayton was (1) the "maverick" GOP presidential candidate introducing his "maverick" running mate, even though Palin, even more than McCain, is actually a conservative ideologue whose selection thrilled both cultural and economic factions of the Right; (2) a direct appeal by Palin to HRC supporters to consummate Hillary's campaign by shattering the splintered "glass ceiling;" (3) a compelling personal story of a woman who (a) has one son with Down's Syndrome, (b) another who is being deployed to Iraq on September 11; (c) is married to a Native American (at least technically) union worker and athlete; and (d) has bravely defied her party and oil companies in Alaska.

Let's regroup a bit here, shall we. McCain left his last bit of Maverick Manhood on the alter of the Christian Right's demand that they be relevant; that they remain powerful enough to hold a veto threat on Mccain's choice of running mate.

Taylor Marsh at least has put down the Clinton Crack pipe and tells us McCain thinks women are stupid and want's to mute his geezer quotient with Palin's babe vibe. He also was prevented from acting on his own instincts, choosing a running-mate he doesn't even know.

McCain faced outright revolt Monday in Minneapolis if his choice wasn't anti-choice. Karl Rove warned off his best friend, Joe Lieberman despite his militantly chickenhawk bona fides as way too liberal (read: reasonable) on non-war issues. Condi Rice won't have anything to do with this silly game it seems since the White House has done it's best to take Iraq off the table for McCain, and the tax-cut purists have been successful in making the Maverick buck his own Maverickness, enjoying McCain's about-face on disapproving the Bush/Cheney administration's approach to the economy.

The banking arm of their party had to back off pushing Romney once McCain's "housing problem" came to the fore, but no doubt would have forced McCain to make his bed with an avowed enemy if the rich-guy issue hadn't blown up in their face. Multiple Choice Mitt can dance the anti-choice jig as long as the cameras are on and the nay-sayers could have been bought off. So ... Plan D?

No, make that Plan E for Estrogen. D was Drill, Drill, Drill. This is yet another gimmick!.

Take their consideration of Tom Ridge. Qualified, competent, experienced, well liked and helps land the hugely important swing state of Pennsylvania. Naturally logic goes out the window with this gang. Ridge was completely unacceptable because he holds a reasonable position on reproductive rights. That's it. Since Ridge was sent packing by the folks who have the power to tell the titular leader of the Republican Party what to do, the stack of applications got pretty slim very fast.

Palin is a narrow ideologue: pure on guns, god if not gays, and more like Cheney (but with better aim) than the mythical independent-minded man McCain would like you to think he is despite agreeing with George Bush's legislative agenda 95% of the time. It's almost as if they ticked off resume points on all the potential candidates for VP and she was the only one left standing that would be acceptable to the mob of Christianists, war-mongers and intolerant hate peddlers that permeate the GOP activist base -- the pick's strategic idiocy and betrayal of the nation's security her unfathomable incompetence risks be damned.

Risking Boos on the Convention floor would have made for horrible TV.

To fear this pick, to disfavor mocking it but instead taking it seriously enough because together Palin and McCain represent a some kind of break with the attempt to tie Bush to McCain is to live in another world and ignore the reality that this team represents more of the same old GOP, not a new approach free of the constraints of the DC power elite. Indeed, scorn is exactly what is called for in a "change election" when they again calculate the odds of winning at the expense of competent governing.

Ridicule is not only acceptable, it is required. Heckuvajob Johnny.

One need only watch the wingnuts finally getting off their hands and jumping with joy, emptying their checkbooks in the process now that they have an excuse to walk back all the nasty things they've said about McCain over the years.

This is worse than more of the same, it's spineless. Cowardly Republicans are something we've all had ENOUGH of. Obama's theme has always been about judgment. This doesn't change his narrative and merely reinforces the meme of McCain's pathetic pandering to the power-brokers of the right wing.

I can't help but think that not even McCain thinks he can win this thing, knowing he's a sacrificial lamb. He has to recognize he's a mere tool, a placeholder keeping a dying brand of conservative on life-support. Never in a million years would he let the nation he says he loves be entrusted to someone who's most consequential executive decision was not to buy a bridge to nowhere.

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misstexaskitty said...

Again - really cuts to the chase. No I don't think McCain is all that happy Ms Palin either. His face while she was talking was a Big give away. She would seem to have left some serious problems behind in Alaska. Maybe not such a big fan base as the RNC might want for us to believe. I think that veeps need to be considered as closely as possible, was she vetted? At all? McCain is not the brightest bulb in the package and now is it has become so obvious, it is not just liberals taking note. I see many conservatives questioning the wisdom of what is happening. I think these may be the few republicans who are not part of the christian crazies. Referring of course to those who have just about completely taken over the republican party, with their singular and simple views.