Right From the Horse’s Ass
By: shep

AP’s Charles Babbington says “McCain's 'celebrity' taunts are bugging Obama” and he’s got the quote to prove it: “"If the celebrity issue were not hurting them, they would have ignored it."

The quote comes from…wait for it…Republican strategist Terry Holt.

My god, how do these idiots keep their jobs as political analysts. Maybe the better question is, why must you be an idiot to keep a job as a political analyst? (Why, Cokie?) Not like it isn’t an obvious GOP zombie, brain-eating talking point.

Quite clearly, to anyone whose objectivity and intellect and hasn’t been turned to mush from living in the media elite bubble, the Obama Campaign used the “celebrity” meme as a backdoor to wrap President Bush and the entrenched Beltway rot around John McCain. Obama’s people realize that, for normal people (i.e., not Republicans), it’s not really much of a sin for a US presidential nominee to be popular but it sure is a one these days to be to seen as part of Washington’s corrupt, out-of-touch, self-serving elites ($500 shoes anyone?). Babbington babbles: “For weeks, Obama has tried to frame the election largely as a referendum on President Bush, using every chance to tie McCain to the unpopular incumbent.”

Well, yeah, ya think? And you didn’t notice the six separate scenes of McCain and Bush practically ejaculating on one another? Of course the GOP lie factory will try to make any Obama ad, no matter how effective, somehow a problem for Obama. The only question is why anyone with his or her head outside his own or the GOP’s ass would believe a word of it. Oh, right.

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