MSNBC Sabotaged?
By: Mark W Adams

So was it just Buckeye Cable in Toledo and NW Ohio that had problems with the live broadcast of MSNBC's prime time coverage of the Democratic Convention? It was unwatchable, or rather unlistenable with the sound intermittently going in and out along with video/satellite block-out squares wrecking the picture.

This went on all night, but the replay of the commentary and Hillary's speech were fine later on and the closed captioning was not troubled either.

Sure seemed deliberate. No other channel was touched.

Stuff happens to be sure. Did anyone elsewhere have any problems with MSNBC last night? If it happens again with Bill Clinton or Joe Biden, I'll know there's a rat, just not how widespread it is. Either way, I'll be on the horn to the FCC as well as the DNC. Tape's already been rolled and I got more blanks.