Givin’ It Away
By: shep

Bob Somerby thinks that liberals are blowing the presidential election (as usual) because of our too high-minded reaction to John McCain’s dogwhistles. Obviously, white people are still living in a bit of denial about American racism and the doubt went to the white guy over last week’s kafuffle, even as Obama’s charge about McCain trying to scare people by using Obama's face on our currency was revealed to be absolutely true. So let’s go with a different tack, shall we?

Dear Barack:

We’ve had our “issues” as of late but I still have no doubt that you’re a world better than the other guy, so here it is:

John McCain doesn’t seem to think you’re very smart. He thinks you can’t tell the difference between a campaign about the issues we all want to work on and one based on empty personal attacks. He thinks you want this campaign to be about Britney Spears and Charlton Heston and The Matrix.

I think that the American people are smarter than that. They don’t want to be fooled again into making a bad choice because of baseless attacks on someone’s character. They want a campaign based on the important issues and policies that are at stake in this election. So when you hear me compared with some celebrity, or super hero, or Moses, or that I’m too presumptuous, just remember that my opponent is playing you for a sucker.
That’s how you do jujitsu. I’m charging you for the next one.

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DCup said...

That is brilliant. Obama should do this as a commercial with him in a simple setting, speaking directly to the camera.

This would be a great ad and the media would pick it up (like they did the Paris Hilton ad) and run it over and over for free because it's so unique.

shep said...

From your lips...