McManequin Still a McMoron
By: Mark W Adams

Pam Spaulding alerts us to the latest from Scott-Bot 2000's dribble cup:

[W]hen asked what advice he would give to a President Barack Obama
or Democratic Congress on the matter of handling former Bush officials,
McClellan speaks now of the perils of probing the past.

“If Obama were to win,” he said last week, “that would be an issue
his administration would have to face early ... because he’s pledging
to be a uniter, not a divider — without saying those exact words we
campaigned on in 2000. He’s pledging to change the way Washington
works, and if Congress were to pursue that, it would be very divisive.”

Ugh. Deconstructing this nonsense could give you a headache, but let's just leave it at this; turning a blind eye to government criminality is exactly why Washington doesn't work, why things are so divisive, would represent more of the same and not change in any meaningful form, and is the kind of crap we've been putting up with from the uniter/decider for 7.5 fricking years.