Bears Crap in the Woods
By: shep

Thomas Frank has a new book out that suggests that the current corruption that infects our body politic isn’t the result of a few unscrupulous Republicans, or Bush and Cheney, or the neoconservatives, it is conservatism itself that corrupts our nation.

Who’d have thunk it? (Welcome to the DFH, Tom). And who would have ever thought that an ideology that is really just an obvious scam designed solely to undermine government’s ability to regulate corporations and to enrich their owners and supportive elites would be given greater weight against the actual governing philosophy of citizen-based liberalism, by millionaire pundits in the corporate press. Oh, wait…

NPR writes about the book to promote their Fresh Air interview with Frank:

Social critic Thomas Frank examines the modern conservative movement and its excesses in his new book, The Wrecking Crew.

Um, note to the “liberal” NPR editors: Frank’s thesis actually says the exact opposite; that it isn’t the conservative movement’s excesses at all. He’s saying that the corruption modern conservatism creates is a feature, not a bug, of conservatism and it always exists as a direct product of conservative ideology put in practice. Perhaps you should get a copy and read it. Maybe in the woods (watch your step).

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