McCain Doesn't Give 2 Bits About America
By: Mark W Adams

For all the flag-waving, all the deference the Democrats have given to John McCain's service to the nation, all but prostrating themselves so as not to insult this man whom Barack Obama himself insists loves this country as much as we do, all the accounts of his heroism and horrors he endured 35 years ago -- John McCain could give two-hoots about this country.

Why else would he entrust this part-time governor/part-time hockey mom to be a breath away from the most important position any human being can hold? Sarah Palin is an unbelievably inexperienced political novice with zero national exposure or international credentials who knows nadda about national security. That might work in the Great White North, but it doesn't cut it for leading a superpower.

Does John McCain really think she is fit to sit in the Oval Office when the American people don't know her whatsoever -- yet we would be expected to follow her during the next crucial and challenging years at a time of predictable crisis if (horror of horrors) President McCain should drop fricking dead?

You would do that to us John? Really? You'd entrust this nation you say you love to someone destined to get rolled by every other country on the planet her first week on the job, sending us into god knows what before your corpse is cold. This is the most shameful display of do-anything, say-anything to get elected bullshit I've seen, and I've seen a lot of that over the years.

If this is the caliber of executive decision-making we can expect from a McCain administration, god save us all.

Biden could take charge from minute-one, let alone day-one. There are enough people supporting Obama he could as us to jump into a roaring fire and a goodly amount of us would get scorched. McCain would command at least respect for the office if not his brand of politics even from the likes of me, and we'd snap to attention and salute him if that's what it took to make things better.

But Sarah Palin? Are you fricking kidding me? You should be ashamed John, you really should. She wouldn't know where to lead us even if she could gain enough respect for us to follow. Of all the reasons John McCain shouldn't be president, this ranks up there as the number one disqualifier.


shep said...

You know that if a Democrat made that pick, it would be "an act of desperation".

shep said...

Ha! I just read Ara's post below. Always one step ahead of me.