Post Rational Hacktackularness
By: Mark W Adams

Jeralyn has zero business commenting on politics and enjoying a readership that gives her any credibility whatsoever.

Seriously, don't quit your day job lady.

You'd think this was her first election -- and evidently it's the first time she actually paid attention to one. Obviously it was all about Hillary for most of the the Talk Left crew, most of the time -- and not for policy reasons, just pure gender identification. Now it's just vanity and a vain attempt to save face in a future that is passing them by.

Post-Rational indeed. (Would it be sexist to call them "PROBLEMs" instead of PUMAs-- Post Rational Old Broads Loathing Every Man?)

[HT Kossack DemFromCT for this definition pf Post-Rational:
"Rachel Maddow's observation about Clinton supporters who are not making decisions based on logic, such as Debra Bartoshevich, who thinks McCain will support Roe v Wade."]