What Steve Benen Said Digby Said
By: Mark W Adams


As Digby put it, “I am really starting to hate this unctuous, double-talking creep.”

I mean, really. It’s tough to keep up, but just try to count the lies:

I know a lot of otherwise good lefty folks out there are still:

  • a.) pissed off about how Hillary was treated,
  • b.) mad about Obama's cave on FISA,
  • c.) worried Obama might not follow through on his health care program that is already watered down since it doesn't have mandates,
  • d.) disgusted that Obama might not arrest Bush and Cheney and their co-conspirators and throw them in Gitmo by midnight January 20th,
  • e.) upset that Obama catered to the Christianist fanatics by promising not to eliminate Bush's faith-base initiatives entirely,
  • f.) indignant that anyone should suggest that they "get over it."

However, John McSame, his Rovian handlers, and corporate lobbyist campaign machine have proven to be so dishonest and utterly without shame, so callous in their disregard for offering solutions that work as opposed to slogans that deceive and can only be designed to perpetuate the lawlessness of the current regime they must never be allowed the levers of power.

Indeed, it will take a Herculean effort to dislodge the destructive influence of all the Loyal Bushies who have infiltrated every level of government, especially since a new Democratic administration will be honor-bound not to fire people merely due to their political affiliations even though they were hired exclusively on that criteria regardless of their qualifications. No Republican administration will even attempt to fix what is really broken in our system of graft, cronyism and influence peddling.

More Benen on Digby:

It’s mildly interesting that McCain gave his word to the nation that he would run a substantive, honest campaign, and then completely abandoned his promise when he saw some poll results he didn’t like. But it’s far more interesting that McCain’s campaign strategy is based on little more than a massive con job. I care that McCain is relentlessly negative, but I really care that he’s relentlessly dishonest.

Digby concluded, “At this point I don’t care if Obama flips on every single issue, I will do everything I can to see this jackass defeated.”

I think that’s precisely the right attitude.