Country Rock -- Star
By: Mark W Adams

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is just too damn cool.

Of course, I only knew that since I was watching one of the other networks (flipping between FOX and CNN). I see from the replay that MSNBC was more interested in whether Bill Clinton would hold up a "Unity" sign or not instead of airing Schweitzer's speech, where he had the crowd so involved if he had chanted "Drill, Drill, Drill!" they would have cheered stomped and looked around for T. Boon Pickens.

Montana's Governor is obviously one of the main reasons that formerly deep red state is in play this time around. Hillary couldn't have had a better warm-up act if Dave Chappel had come out of retirement or the Rolling Stones did a set before she came out.

Four years ago, Barack Obama used this stage and became a rock star. Folks that watched any other network besides MSNBC saw rising "country" rock star on the rise last night.