What Lies Within
By: shep

I’m feeling rather dumb that this has just struck me but notice what animates the Republican Convention crowd (at the moment I’m watching Giuliani work the faithful). In stark contrast to the Democrats’ riotous approval of Obama’s lofty calls to non-partisan, policy-based leadership and fair-minded politics, the Republican delegates look like they’re sedated until some perceived enemy is attacked (especially if it's a Democrat/liberal) – the more savage the attack, the greater the glee. And no affirmative statement about the Republican elicits such outright excitement and joy.

[UPDATE: worked the same for Palin. It’s a consistent behavioral response]

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Mark W Adams said...


You're not dumb, you just dumbed down what you and I and Adam and a lot of the other banned have been saying for years. It's the authoritarianism, the idea that Dems stand up and Repugs stand in line.

Their convention is so scripted that even the pauses for applause are incorporated into the official program -- no shit, really.

They need enemies to keep the sheeple in line, afraid to rock the boat. WE are ALWAYS the enemy, the "other." I quoted this so much I forgot who said it, but liberals are their perpetual enemy, they fight terrorists (or Russians or whoever) when convenient.

Look how they're all behind (in public) Palin, suddenly united. Imagine if Obama had rammed someone like her down the convention's throat. It'd be war. Think what would happen if Obama had nominated Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick or more likely, Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Miller (who?)

We wouldn't get over our WTF moment in a couple of days like they seem to. The riot police wouldn't be outside harassing peaceful protesters. They'd have been inside the convention hall breaking up fights -- and failing.

shep said...

Oh, it's RWA all right. What's remarkable is that they can't even fake the glee they have for trashing their perceived enemies for their actual authoritarian leader. They need an even more authentic right-wing automaton to follow. Just pathetic.