I Know That eBay Plane Is No Big Deal
By: Mark W Adams

But I need to get this thing untwisted from inside my brain.

We know that Yukon and Yoda are on the campaign trail bragging about one of the GOP VP candidate's greatest accomplishments -- putting up the governor's $2.7 million executive jet on eBay.

We also know that McNasty said she sold it on eBay for a profit even though Ms. Nasty couldn't get a buyer at the price they were asking and ended up selling it for $2.1 million through a broker instead. News has also arrived that they still owe another $50 grand for repairs or maintenance or some such nonsense.

This is the problem. They sell the thing at a loss, costing the State a Six Hundred Thousand Dollars write off plus commission and this maintenance thingy, and brag about it claiming they saved the State money.
"And eventually...a broker came in. We brought the broker in and said, 'Find a buyer.' We found a buyer. It went for 2.1 million bucks. And we did save the state dollars. And that jet, she never stepped in. And we got rid of the symbol of corruption in Alaska."


No wonder these dickheads ran the economy into the turf. Must be some kinda supply-side thingy where you piss away over a half a million bucks and call it bargain. Yikes.