Hey, What About McCain's AIG Lobbyists?
By: Mark W Adams

One of the first things I heard about the Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae takeover was the suspension of all lobbyist activities on behalf of the two mortgage giants.

I didn't hear any such shutdown order on AIG lobbyist activities, like John McCain's National Finance Committee Co-Chair Wayne Berman.

Did I miss something or was his efforts on behalf of AIG halted like these McCain staffers:

Hmm, looks like a lot of Camp McCain are wondering if they'll have jobs to return too once the dust settles on the Wall Street shake up, since there are no less than 15 prominent McCain staffers/lobbyists connected to either AIG, Fanny/Freddy, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers or Bank of America.

Ooohhh, SHOCKING news: The Barroness de Rothchild has flipped her support from Hillary to McCain. Go figure. Hmm, hard to get good help nowadays, she's gone slumming with the little people's champ -- NOT.

If you were wondering who would be carrying McCain's economic water now that Carly Fiorina was hurled under the bus, can you believe they dusted off Jack Kemp, King of the Supply-Siders, to trot out that 30 year old trickle-down snake-oil of his that now lay in tatters in the scrap heap outside of the Lehman Brothers building.

Geebus, if they'd followed the original plan, your Social Security would now have a junk bond rating.

They hauled out the grand guru of unbridled privateering to tell MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell that McCain's plan to form a commission to study the economy is THE answer, with the caveat that it's a good idea as long as it comes to the "right" conclusion, one that would garner the Kemp's stamp of approval. (Which begs the question that if he's got the "right" answer, why waste time with a commission they'll ignore anyway?)

Jack Kemp . . . wow. I figured he'd be busy right now stuffing T-Bill in his mattress right now. Putting him out as the face of fixing the economy GOP style is like George "Macaca" Allen leading a minority outreach rally -- oh yeah . . .

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Anonymous said...

Looking over the list of advisors, it becomes clear just how Pain was picked and also what happened to Fannie Mae.