Prom Queen Appointments
By: Mark W Adams

The Wasilla High School yearbook archive now doubles as a veritable directory of state government  (NYT via Pam).

There's more from Pam Spaulding. It seems only the beautiful people need apply -- and black is not beautiful to Sarah Palin:
While meeting with Black leaders concerning the absence of any African Americans on her staff, Gov. Palin responded that she doesn’t have to hire any Blacks and was not intending to hire any.

Hmmm.  That seems telling, no?  But for further insight into the Palin Paradox we have to compare what we know with the known.

It just hit me. Palin's answers to Gibson are PAGEANT answers. I've covered pageants, know the lingo

I covered many, many pageants -- local and state pageants -- as a small-town journalist. And I'm telling you ... the kinds of answers Sarah Palin is giving on ABC are the type of answers pageant contestants (particularly those in the Miss America pageant system) are trained to give on the spot. I'm not being sexist, or advocating some narrow view of what she's capable of. I just know I've heard these kinds of answers many, many times before ... on the pageant stage.

Generalities. Bromides. Hallmark card answers. Patriotic phrases. No real substance ... it just has to have that America-right-or-wrong, peace-on-earth ring to it.

I'm telling you ... she got her freaking interview training on the pageant stage.

What's sad is that while she couldn't fool a panel of judges to give her a crown, there are far too many willing to look at this election as a popularity contest -- or how to "send a message" to anyone who was mean to Hillary.

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Alex said...

Her responses were perfectly scripted, which may be the reason why she was confused by the question about the "Bush Doctrine." She was certainly prepared for a question about foreign policy in this regard, however, the common parlance wasn't used during the preparation and therefore she flopped. Because we have to remember that she was confused by the term, not necessarily the strategy - or lack thereof. This should be stunning to people; such a rehearsed interview by a VP candidate.