Rosemary Has Changed
By: Mark W Adams

The Change

Our good friend and nemesis Rosemary Kondraciuk is back with a new blog, The Change. (Please note that Ted Kennedy neither approves of Rose's new blog nor even knows about it. Also note that Rosemary doesn't approve of Ted Kennedy much either.)

You knew she couldn't stay away long. Still the same old Queen of All Evil, unless "QOAE" now stands for Quibbling Or Arguing Everything. (Quesioning Our Authoritarian Entitlements? Quitting On Another Essay? I dunno.)

Now with a blood red and evil black theme! Ooo, spooky. I figure the black symbolized that she's still in mourning for Hillary's ambition and the gloom of knowing she's gonna vote for McCain even though she knows better.

Seriously Rose? Are you really saying it's okay to vote for McCain now that he's got that Eskimo woman around to iron his shirts? Feminism is dead. Oy.

Go give her hell and tell her I sent ya folks -- just don't forget the fucking winkie thingy.



shep said...

Sorry, I've cast enough pearls before swine to adorn every pig in North Carolina. It was an interesting study in the inverse relationship between cognition and "conservative" fealty but that's about the extent of the usefulness of that particular exercise. Republicans are ineducable, period.

shep said...

OMG, I just realized what a sexist, er, pig, I am. Thank goodness for the stalwart feminist Republicans of the McCain Campaign.

Mark W Adams said...

I had to go out for a bit, so I didn't get a chance to respond to that one shep. Here goes....