What About The Economy, Stupid?
By: Mark W Adams

McCain's topic tonight will be an Orwellian twist from the old warmonger: "Peace, safety and national security" focusing on his "life and record of challenging DC establishment" according the the guy who writes the scrawl on MSNBC. His theme, co-opted from the Obama slogan: "Change is Coming."

Note that AP, true to the jornamalistic ethics it has displayed lately (none) has reviewed McCain's speech two hours before McCain took the stage tonight -- based no doubt on advance copies of the text handed out to the media. That or they had a hand in writing it along with Bush's speech writers.

Prior to his acceptance, his wife, Tom Ridge and Lindsay Graham are to talk about his character, integrity and strength.

Not one word was said in the last three days about the economy by the Republicans, about a plan for securing jobs or making health care more affordable. None will be offered tonight.

We will hear how important it is to remain tough and steadfast in the face of adversity and that McCain is more than ready for the job. You won't hear a thing about our failing infrastructure, the high cost of education, the increased poverty rolls, rising inflation and unemployment. Not. One. Word.

He might talk about "fixing" Social Security and certainly you'll hear about not bowing to "elites," and amusingly from one of the oldest and longest serving members of the party that has ruled the nation for the last eight years, controlled the courts for decades, and has dominated our politics with fear and mismanagement at every turn -- that they will retake Washington.

What we need to do is reign in Wall Street and K-Street, and that will NEVER happen in a White House run by the incestuous lobbyist free-for-all that a McCain administration promises to be.

Don't talk to me about changing the way our government does business
when every one of his tax proposals benefits the big business interests
that have been catered to low these last 93 long months.

Don't talk to me about the integrity or strength of character of a man who would cow-tow to the religious extremist this week by picking a running mate whose views on a woman's right to control her own body includes forcing her to have the baby of a rapist -- even though McCain himself is no where near that extreme.

And most of all, don't tell me he'll be different from the impulsive fly-boy/cow-boy he wants to replace when all he wants to talk about is what happened after he crashed his fifth jet and decided the person best suited to be one shaky breath away from the big desk was the lady he only met once, knew nothing about, but polled well enough he rolled the dice to see if she'd boost his miserable performance in the contest so far.

Don't tell me it's raining when your pissing on my leg.