Malkin Concedes Defeat of Conservatism
By: Mark W Adams

Wow, I just want to preserve this one for posterity. Mind you, she doesn't so much as admit her life's philosophy is utterly bankrupt, just that it was betrayed. The ten word answer is now exposed as the empty bumper-sticker it is, as nothing more than trite rhetoric and without soul or substance.

Naturally, rather than believe she's been played all this time, or simply a fool, Malkin scapegoats Bush for betraying the conservative movement.

Don't bother Michelle, he doesn't give a damn. He doesn't feel any pain, especially other people's. The truth is, it was all a lie. Why do you think they paid so many people to spew the drivel they wrote for you to regurgitate when people everywhere would argue the other side for free?

Whatever Michelle, you shrill harpy. Quoting a reader's email she specifically acknowledges the death of the right.
"'We have lost. Conservatism has absolutely no more moral high ground to speak from.'

Fiscal conservatism has been on life support for quite some time. Bush/Paulson pulled the plug permanently today."
Oh but were it true, that the zombie lies of the right would simply vanish in a cloud of short-selling derivative buybacks. Alas, I doubt we've heard the end of their drivel.

I mean, being absolutely wrong about absolutely everything never stopped them before, did it? Have you once seen a conservative shamed when their hypocrsy was brought to light, or to even acknowledge the lies they repeat every damn day.

But it is nice to see this wingnut witch down in the dumps. I hope she has a good cry.