Exacting Change
By: shep

"The McCain-Palin Administration will replace an outdated, patchwork quilt of regulatory oversight and bring transparency and accountability to Wall Street. We will have transparency and accountability and we will reform the regulatory bodies of government."
For Republicans, reality is a bitch. Actually, Republican reality is a bitch for everyone. Whether antagonistic, cruel, warmongering, or merely laissez faire, their very natures always lead us to economic woe, death and disaster.

So everyone else should ask themselves whether the Republican, twenty-six years in The Congress, the guy who a month ago was running as the “experienced” “de-regulator” and now wants you to see as the candidate of reform and regulation, should have any expectation of being believed. John McCain, within the context of this summer’s domestic economic policy and politics, is now running as a liberal Democrat.

Lest anyone think that this sort of spastic and craven political contortion will continue to be cost-free for him, now John McCain will have to put down some sort of actual, you know, policies, to back up his populist rhetoric as well as compare to Obama’s own policy proposals.

Then he’ll have to debate it. That should be good.

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