Give em Hell, Marcy
By: Mark W Adams

I think we should make my Congresswoman, Marcy Kaptur, an honorary lefty blogger.  Check out her shorter version of why the Bailout is Teh Suck!

Sounds Like Insider Trading To Me! Rep Kaptur
HT: Kossack Tunney

She ain't buying the charade.  Throwing out a Trillion Bucks without so much a real hearing before any real committees, with no time to analyze or consult with any non-crony experts on whether it will even work and what unintended consequences await.

Yes, that is the same dress as last timeReward good behavoir and help a lady out with a proper wardrobe.

The last time I lived in a District where my Representative was even more liberal than me was when I went to school in Dennis Kucinich's playground -- but no one beat Jim Trafficant for sheer wackyness where I grew up. Both of them made my other reps, Lou Stokes and Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, seem downright mainstream. Now Marcy, god love her, completes the cycle -- leading me to ever more DFH behavior. I've never had occasion to write one of them to stop being a pussy or angry that they were in the pocket of someone with a big fat checkbook. Invariably they've inspired me to remind my kids (and you) that some of the most dangerous enemies this nation has live right here, selling snake oil.

Ahh, screw it. I might as well admit right now I've been known to say "Go Blue!" on occasion, just to piss off my father-in-law; and actually have a Michigan cap buried in my closet under all the required Ohio State gear all Ohioans are issued at birth. Living in THE most liberal districts in Ohio sure has skewed my take on my fellow Buckeyes -- and I even spent a summer at OSU a hundred years ago taking classes, chasing girls and searching in vain for decent pot. (All the good stuff was in Athens, home of my beloved yet eternally hopeless Bobcats, the only blue county south of Columbus.)