The Top 10 October Surprises
By: Ara

[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum]

From the home office in Sedona, Arizona: The Top 10 October Surprises in this year's campaign:

10. Senate elects McCain Miss Congeniality.

9. McCain personally captures Osama at the gates of hell.

8. McCain dumps Sarah, nominates Dave.

7. McCain adopts Jonas Brothers.

6. Sarah Palin announces she's pregnant, calls it her "Colbert Bump."

5. McCain changes middle name from Sidney to Mustafa.

4. Brad Hanson sells wallet-size nudie of Sarah to National Enquirer.

3. Charlie Crist spotted standing in line at County Clerk's office in San Francisco with Lindsey Graham.

2. Harlem Globetrotters endorse McCain.

And the #1 October Surprise:

1. Palin Wins Debate!