Now That We Have Your Attention
By: shep

So unconstitutionally using a narrow conservative majority of handpicked Supreme Court ideologues to steal the presidency for an unqualified boob who lost the election by a half million votes didn’t do it.

Diddling with their secret plan to invade and occupy a non-threatening, oil-rich country in the Middle East and reading My Pet Goat while terrorists determined to strike in the US finished their plans and killed thousands of Americans and turned the country inside out, didn’t make you mad.

Constructing a system of secret prisons around the world where we tortured and murdered innocent kidnapping victims just to show how tough we are, didn’t upset you at all.

Launching a disastrous, illegal war through a campaign of lies, deception and treason, that has killed thousands of US soldiers, destroyed our credibility and moral authority in the world, inspired unknown millions of Muslims to want see us harmed and will cost at least a trillion tax dollars before it’s done, didn’t stop you from voting for the miscreants.

Viciously and dishonestly smearing decorated war heroes, dedicated civil servants, honest journalists and millions of your countrymen while exposing secret intelligence and destroying CIA counter-WMD-proliferation operations in Iraq and Iran just to keep power for all the wrong reasons, didn’t even get a rise out of you – except perhaps to cheer a bit at their political success.

Conspiring with AT&T, Verizon and Comcast and committing serial felonies designed to shred your constitutional rights to be free from government spying on your private telephone and email communications and internet use, made you yawn.

Filling FEMA, the Justice Department, the Treasury, the EPA and just about every reach of the federal government with incompetent cronies to the point that the American people are doomed to suffer the worst from every made-made and natural disaster didn’t distract you from the latest episode of CSI.

But this finally has you royally, righteously angry.

Well, guess what? Republicans have been pissing down your back and telling you that it’s raining since the seventies. If this doesn’t cause you to actually finally manage to pull your head from the elephant’s ass and realize that it is only Democrats who care if government works for middle-class Americans like you, then you deserve whatever another four years of Republican rule brings down on you. Unfortunately for the rest of us, and your children, we’ll be coming along for the ride.

[Cross-posted at E Pluribus Unum]