I Have Never Done This Before
By: Mark W Adams

but I'm going to link and approvingly excerpt something from the American Conservative Magazine responding to SaraCudda Palin being called "the next Reagan."
I’m sorry, but this is getting out of hand. Whatever you think about the substance of Reagan’s speech in 1964, to which some drunken enthusiasts may want to compare Palin’s acceptance speech, there is no comparison between them. Part of this is in the nature of the speeches. Reagan’s speech was entirely focused on policy and the differences between the candidates, it was delivered in a different register, and he said next to nothing about himself, while Palin’s speech was necessarily part introduction and part apology.


Reagan’s name has become almost entirely dissociated from the man, and it has simply become an identity marker to be trotted out to sanctify this or that person or proposal. Reagan nostalgia has become an effort to cover up for the distortions and perversions of the last twenty years.

Read the whole thing, there isn't much more . . . something about Hitler and Lenin, the usual folks you think of when discussing old Ron.

The comments are pretty choice though, stuff that would get you banned from Red State or LGF -- like praising Obama and a link to a 2 minute You Tube of Intelligent Design promoter Ben Stein, flabberghasted they are stuck with Palin who he says knows so little about anything important she needs Harvard economists to tutor her and, "She should have Henry Kissinger Babysitting her."

[snark: The mind reels with that image. /snark]

They haven't quite taken the halo of Saint Ronny Ray Gun yet, but it's not shining quite so bright any more since the Bushies forgot to pay the light bill for the city on that hill. Here's a sample from the comment thread:
  1. I miss hearing about Newt Gingrich’s quest to name one monument to Ronald Reagan in each of America’s 3000-odd counties, as well as to place his face on the $10 bill.

    If only Newt and the Reagan Idolaters would take the next rational step, and require us to adopt Reagan’s surname. If adopted, this would be some great identity politics in the making.

  2. More appropriate would be renaming the title of the Presidency to an honorific adoption of the name Reagan, as the Romans did with Caesar’s name–that way every new President would be called Reagan as the official form of address, they could begin shouting, “Hail, Reagan!” and that way Reagan could be in charge forever.

Simply Craptastick. A change like this at the freaking American Conservative Magazine is change I can believe in.