In The Light Of Day . . . No Deal
By: Mark W Adams

Okay, I've had a chance to catch up on some sleep and mull over the Paulson Proposal to bailout all of Wall Street with the single largest government intervention into the "free" market of all time.

As you can guess, my reaction is still: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?

I do hope this all spells the end of the Reagan Rape Era. It was always a bill of goods, goods made increasingly in China and elsewhere.

For the entire time John McCain has been in the Senate, which coincidentally covers almost the entire time this bankrupt philosophy infected the centers of power, the middle class has dwindled, the poor have become poorer while the disparity between the rich and the super-rich has grown exponentially -- because none of the prosperity ever trickled down like they claimed. Now the shittyness has rolled back uphill because their reverse Robin Hood schemes finally caught up with them.

It works both ways folks.  If it's somehow morally or politically or philosophically or economically or idologically wrong to redistribute wealth downward, it's certainly wrong to make it flow in the other direction.  There has to be a cost associated with the bailout, period.

I can predict this with near certainty.  If they go through with giving Secretary Paulson a blank check for nearly three quarters of a Trillion Dollars without any consideration of who and how it will be repaid I'm not helping.

I won't be able to contribute to this final stage of the Bush Crime Family's Fascist Coup because my rising blood pressure will cause my brain to explode!
Yes, it does sound terribly conspiracy-theory-esque when explained just
this way. But what else does one call a criminal conspiracy to destroy
Congressional powers permanently, alter Judicial powers permanently,
and steal public funds?
I don't know if fascism really is the right term here.  Not that it's too inflammatory, or that the complete merger of the corporate with government isn't exactly what we're seeing -- which is the very definition of fascism. 

I think it's an even more primitive type of regression.  Echidne summarizes the Feudalist Coup.
We are being treated like suckers, my friends. Or like the peons of the rich and wealthy. But much more importantly, the market will be in the same shit almost instantaneously, because the rules of its game have not been truly changed.
Call it whatever you will, supply-side, trickle-down, fiscal responsibility, globalization, or free market fairy tails -- they gave us a republic and we allowed them to distract us with enough bread and circuses to let them establish an aristocracy that lives of the rent we pay from the land we work through the foreseeable future. 

I don't know what you call it when wealth is so concentrated in so few and the vast majority of us feel helpless to improve our lot in life.  That's feudalism my friends.  Especially when those that benefited most from the system absolutely refuse to contribute a proportional amount to set things straight again.

When an elected chief executive is exposed as a criminal whom 70% of the people want removed can still act the petulant king, ignoring any calls for responsibility or accountability and embarrassing us to the end with impunity -- that's feudalism.  When the courts and legislature is cowed to the point where they are powerless to curb the excesses of the executive, that's feudalism. 

When ordinary citizens lives are reduced to bare subsistence regardless of their station in life because they cannot get ahead and watch their accumulated saving suddenly disappear almost overnight while the so-called government that is supposed to represent them confiscates their future earnings and those of their children and grandchildren, only to transfer it all to the corporate kleptocracy that has been stealing from them right along -- what else to you call it? 

It certainly ain't capitalism if we just throw your children's chance at the good life at this mess and it's certainly not representative democracy if we just hand over almost a Trillion dollars to the administration to play with any way they want with zero legislative accountability and no judicial recourse.

Enough is enough.

You want this bail-out?  I won't put up with the good stuff trickling down any more.  I want a firehose attached to the coffers of the well-to-do and I want the pumps opened up to full. 

I want comprehensive universal health care, now.  I want an end to the speculators and short sellers ability to scam the markets, I want the people responsible for this mess thrown in jail, I want a tax increase on the people who benefited from this ponzie scheme, I want the taxpayers to own a piece of what they're buying and not just a hand out, and I want an end to any talk of free market privatization fixes for social programs and problems.

We need new rules, not more theft.  If we're going to redistribute wealth, do it across the board.

Otherwise, No Deal.