Sanders Speaks Sanity
By: Mark W Adams

Come on, let's be fair about this:

"If this bailout is necessary, it should not be middle income or
working families who have to pay for it,” Sanders said. “It should be
the people who benefited from President Bush's disastrous policies,
including the very wealthiest people in this country."
Enough is enough! They got their almighty tax cuts, their golden parachutes, their commissions on the loans they sold they knew would probabably default, their estate tax freeze so they can raise another generation of worthless snobs, and they gamed the system until it broke.

They need to pay. Not us, them. The United States Treasury is not a charitable organization that only exists to fund weapons contractors and bail out neerdowells who pillage homeowners and stockholders and now want a Seven Hundred Billion Dollar blank check to take even more from you and me.

On Saturday, Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders went two or three
steps further in the opposite direction, offering a proposal to impose
a 10 percent surtax on couples who makes more than $1 million annually
or individuals who make more than $500,000. He estimates this increase
would raise $300 billion for the federal government over the next five
years — or less than half of the $700 billion Treasury has asked for.

Enough. Make 'em pay or we don't play.

These are the same people who shout "Socialism" when the people overwhelmingly demand affordable, universal health care. If I'm now expected to share the risk of a Wall Street collapse, the brokers, bankers and the CEOs damn well ought to share the risk I might get too sick to work and help pay for their ponzie scheme now that the jig is up.

A lousy dime on the dollar, that's all Sanders asks. They'll lose their minds and lock him away.

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer says nice try, what else ya got? I hope the Dems, for once, don't let themselves get rolled. We've so got these fat cats by the short hairs. They broke their piggy bank, the only thing they've ever cared about, and want mom and pop America to buy them a new one.

No, not this time. Not without a quid pro quo.