Is It Just Me
By: Mark W Adams

Or is MSNBC's Morning Joe much more watchable without Joe?

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Declarations of Pride said...

Yeah...Sorry to disagree, but I have a big problem with it! Religion and American politics should be mutually exclusive.


Here church preaches on "conversion" of gays, and that is a BIG deal to me! That is religiously backed hate and intolerance that can't be allowed power and legitimacy in the White House.

Moreover, it speaks to her character. Especially when combined with the other questionable decisions and positions that she portends to believe.

I wish it were irrelevant. I wish our political machines respected the separation of church and state, but they don't and therefore we have to deal with this as part of the larger question.

I don't care about or for the "choice" issue as it relates to God, her worship, or the pulpit that speaks to her. I think this particular issue is a non-starter legislatively. It's a personal, highly personal, decision that will never be the same twice, and as such has no place in a legislative discourse. Especially in a nation that believes in the separation of church and state.

Where I am annoyed is with the angle of choice where being gay is concerned. The cornerstone of conversion therapy is the premise that gay people made a choice. I made no choice, I was born in God's image, and I am gay. Made that way in divinity if you wish. Choice was mine. And it is not theirs to inflict on me.

So that is why the religion thing annoys me.

And finally, it was OK to laminate Wright to Obama, why then is it not OK to do the same to her? I think "good Christians" need all the information too; lest they should assume that their Christian values are hers as well. And if they are voting based on that angle, then they too should be informed.