Some Random Rants
By: Mark W Adams

For the record, five out of five former Secretaries of State agree with Obama and not McCain, including McCain supporter Kissinger, and Loyal Bushies Baker and Powell.
Kissinger, who served under both Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, said: "I'm in favor of negotiating with Iran."
I don't have a rant for that, but I'll bet McCain broke his walking stick across his knee when he heard.  (Look for the Sec.St. Panel on CNN.)

Avedon pens one of her best rants ever, and that's saying a lot.  She's so cute when she slips into that Brit accent.
Republicans are pissed off because it's so hard to get good help these days - help that knows they are just the help, that knows their place, that uses the servants' entrance and calls them "sir" and doesn't question them. A strong middle-class - that is, a secure workforce - gets bolshy and tells abusive employers to bugger off, and the ruling class doesn't like that.
John Cole couldn't be more pissed.

I do not ever want to hear another damned word about the free market. I don’t want to hear another thing about letting the market regulate itself. I don’t want to hear about the free flow of capital. I don’t want to hear about government getting out of our lives.

Ezra's head spins with Teh Stoopid things McCain says.
But to the blame for the crisis on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is like
blaming an Orthodox Rabbi for a food shortage that started in the pork
market. He may be hungry too, but it sure as hell isn't his fault.

Left Coaster's Paradox could have saved a lot of digital ink by pointing out Sec.Treas. Paulson is the one holding the gun.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

The usually loquacious Paul Rosenberg says it all with pictures. Change has arrived!

And not to be a downer, there are a few things that should still concern everyone.

With the failure of Ameribank in WV, that makes 12 banks that have failed this year.  I guess they just couldn't wait out the storm and wait for the Masters of the Universe to save them.  But are they really saving us, or just delaying the inevitable -- at least for another six week or so until the election is over?

Don't forget that we lost another city to a hurricane a week or so ago, and there maybe some very dangerous diseases floating around there, like the ones they kept in "one of the country’s five biosafety labs that are Level-IV, the highest level. Such laboratories typically handle pathogens like smallpox, tularemia and anthrax to develop vaccines and antidotes."

Homeland security says all is well, and I'd really like to think that the ebola samples they kept there were destroyed properly before Ike hit. I'd like to think that, but I've seen too many movies.

And the cry goes out from John Aravosis: What did McCain campaign manager and former Fanny/Freddy lobbyist Rick Davis get deregulated and when did they deregulate it?

It's not that I can't wait for the debates, I can't wait until McCain gets his ass handed to him so badly at the first one he cancels the other two.  If I were him, I'd just concede the election now, but I have some integrity.