It's Pronounced NEW-Klee-Err
By: Mark W Adams

You mooseburger-breath twit.

Note to Caribou Barbie: We might give you a break if you'd answer the damn question about economic empowerment for women instead of going all Al Bundy on us and talking about your jump shot.

Okay, who's the wise, uhm . . . ass, who commissioned this study? (HT Lambert)

CHANGE! You Can Belie . . . Can you BELIEVE this shit?!?

Wampum woes for WaMu, we hardly knew U.

You may be a lying Republican if . . . your lips are moving.

You were warned, you pitiful fool.

Yeah, okay. They [expletive deleted]ed up. But did they dig up any good dirt? "Perhaps So, Charlie."

Will the debates matter? Perhaps NO, Charlie.

"They want the federal government controlling Social Security

like it's some kind of federal program."

- George W. Bush in a debate in St. Charles, Mo., Nov. 2, 2000

John McCain wanted to let Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch turn your Social Security into a junk bond, and Don't You Forget It. (via)

So you know, it's bad all over. Even though misery loves company, it doesn't make me feel better that almost as many US jobs have vanished this year as there are people in Alaska.

If we aren't "technically" in a recession, we have to redefine the term. For a refresher, after the 1929 Crash it took a couple of years for the full effects to "trickle down" all the way from Wall Street to Main Street, reaching bottom in 1933. Not until 1940, towards the end of F.D.R's second term did we fully recover.

I only tell you this to point out the fact that it will take a while for us to really know just how bad a hit we took this week, and the shakeout isn't done. All I know is that faced with a choice between someone who will "Fight!" for a commission to study the fiscal meltdown OR someone who not only has a clue, but also a plan that sounds reasonable -- Gimme HOPE!

"Plan for Change"

(I put this link here so he wouldn't feel left out. Welcome to Frog Town Joe.)