Thank You John McCain
By: Mark W Adams

Former POW (which does not stand for Pathetic Old Womanizer, dammit. Now Get Off My Lawn.) Senator John McCain deserves our thanks for getting America off the subject of the woman who the media thought would give Barack Obama problems and on to the topic of the woman who IS giving McCain problems. When the Democratic Convention was all over, it was all so obvious that the drama-starved punditocracy was pushing the Clinton/PUMA disruptor angle just for lack of anything else to talk about. "No Drama, Obama" is boring.

Did I mention McCain was a POW?

With Palin, it's all drama all the time. Everything's we learn about her is new, which is to be expected -- and everything new we learn is wierdly unexpected.

And we must also thank Senator McCain (P-OW) who, with help from Hurricane Gustav, gave the media something to obsess over besides how dull conventions are, why the first couple of days don't live up to the hype they've been giving them for the last year. They now seem to be so well entertained they hardly notice the GOP is even trying to put on a Convention to spotlight their message and candidates, rousing the faithful.

They are still having a Convention, right?

Oooh. Palin will be giving one of those speechy-preachy things, and so will McCain. I can't wait. Now that the kids are back in school I need to get my sleep pattern back to normal and will need the sedative. Good thing they bumped the "firery" Rudy 9u11ani for the mesmerizing Fred Thompson. Otherwise I might actually have paid attention.

So, how long before America's Hottest Governor has her first real press conference? That'll wake everyone up.