Tootin My Horn
By: Mark W Adams

Just for the record, two of my latest post were on otherwise obscure subjects -- just because I'm about sick to death of arguing about the primaries.

However, from the world of blind squirrels and all that, Keith Olbermann also covered the same stories tonight on Countdown, making this one the runner-up on Worst Persons, and this gem came in first on the Best Persons segment.

I should have much more traffic. Tell your friends just how fucking awesome this damn blog is, right now. Look up the number to that old college roommate and call.

Do it!

Call them up, everyone you know and tell them to make this blog their homepage and read this damn thing every day. Even when I haven't updated it, check out the archives. There's good shit here.

Heh, now if only the voodoo doctors would shrivel up and steal some neo-nazi's penis. Now that would automatically make this place the number one item on google for weeks.