Today In History
By: Mark W Adams

It's Rose's birthday, and I owe the old broad some suckupitude.

According to the rumors and innuendo, on this day in history the final closed-door "undress" rehearsal for the musical Hair
was performed the day before a special "preview" for friends, family
and select members of the Village Voice in advance of the public's
first official viewing Opening Night on the 29th. The Moon was in the
7th House.

Also that day, students at Columbia who had taken
over the administration building were prevented from receiving pizzas
they had ordered. The hungry students had to resort to warming up tofu
burgers on a busted radiator to make it through the week -- until April
30th when they read the "Fabulous" reviews in the Village Voice for the
musical Hair, at which time they abandoned their protest to stand in line for tickets.

Historic Civil Rights Bill of 1968, signed by LBJ on April 11th, was
entered into the Congressional Record as the law of the land and became
official this date. The unusually long delay is attributed to
corrections in the signing statement issued by LBJ where he inserted
the words "just kidding" every third paragraph while high on peyote,
and then ordered his little "joke" erased from history.

Humphrey won the Pennsylvania Primary this day in 1968, by 9.4 points,
but insisted that it was "double digits," stating in his victory speech
that this would "prove" he would win it all in the General Election.

Finally, on this date 40 years ago, John McCain became eligible for Social Security.