Randi Rhodes Is In Your Face
By: Mark W Adams

Anyone who cared has already weighed in on the Randi Rhodes saga, but did you hear that she ended her suspension at Air America Radio by quitting the network and signing on to join KKGN/San Francisco instead of apologizing for something she's not sorry to have said.

According to the station's web page, Green960.com, she's "Coming Back, and Leaving Air America."

The proof that irony lives is that it's the very same Air America affiliate that sponsored the off-air rant that got her in so much trouble in the first place. She's signing on with the same station in San Francisco where all the hub-ub started, right in Nancy Pelosi's back yard.

Randi Rhodes will be streaming live and podcasting to the nation from Clear Channel's (another shocker) progressive voice in the Bay Area -- the scene of the crime itself. But if you live in Northern California, you can hear her on your cheapest transistor radio.

Rock On Randi.

If Rush Limbaugh can call a rape victim a whore with zero consequences, and that Neanderthal, Michael Savage do the same thing, and can stay on the air when he calls three or four people whores every hour -- from Diane Sawyer to Barbara Walters -- and just this Monday still insisted that Barack Obama was a stealth muslim, Randi deserves to a platform and shouldn't have to apologize to anyone, especially for things she said off the air.

I knew she'd land on her feet, and for those of you whose tender sensibilities think she should have apologized or somehow be further punished/shunned, I think you fail to understand that Randi is a warrior for liberals everywhere, even you. We need shock troops just as much as we need progressive law-makers.

Besides, when you consider that the definition of the word whore includes anyone who compromises their principles for personal gain and doesn't necessarily mean you are sexually promiscuous, name me the politician who to one degree or another isn't a whore.

UPDATE: Jeff Norman at HuffPost clears up what you might not understand about all this.

Allahpundit links the Boston Herald's story that Rhodes quit, but passes along an email tip that the native Floridian is not moving to San Francisco, but she's going back to West Palm Beach, Fla. (where El Rushbo resides) and is signing with Clear Channel and will broadcast on their network for the same money starting Monday afternoon. Even better for Randi, and as a Clear Channel owned station, San Fran's KKGN will still be able to put her in Pelosi's ear.

Of course the Herald story doesn't say anything about the Clear Channel connection, so the home of Hot Air could be full of just that.

I hope Allah has it right and just pray that one of the six stations that I can pick up every day playing Limbaugh will offer Randi instead.

UPDATE The Second: Radio Link may be clearing up some of the muddy waters here:
But Rhodes may not be off the air for long: On the KKGN website, PD John Scott had early word of Rhodes' AAR exit and says, "We are bringing her back." Scott says that on Monday, April 14, "it will be our pleasure to announce the return of Randi Rhodes to the Green 960 family." Whether that return will be with KKGN itself or through a new syndication deal is yet to be determined.