Bush Looked Into Putin's Wandering Eyes ...
By: Mark W Adams

... and totally missed that the guy is a horn-dog.

Alina Kabayeva, The Next Mrs. Putin

Check out the 25 year old babe that Vlad dropped his old lady for. This girl was born the same year Vladimir and Lyudmila Putin were married. Putin (56) quietly divorced the mother of his two daughters a couple of months ago, and will be marrying his new flame, who is less than half his age.

The former Olympic rhythmic gymnast Alina Kabaeva "known for her extreme natural flexibility" won the Bronze in the 2000 games and Gold in 2004, and owns three World and several more European titles, has a rap tune written about her in which she appears in the video and was recruited along with several other suspiciously attractive female Russian athletes to run for and win seats in the Duma (Russian Parliament) as candidates for Putin's majority party last year.

Along with several pictures of these hot new Russian lawmakers in various stages of undress, Dashiell Bennet blogs: [WARNING, Not Work Safe]
The only requirements were that they be sexy and female, but that was apparently enough to get them all elected. We're sure it had nothing to do with the relative un-freeness of the Russian voting system and everything to with their, uh ... qualifications, which you can see below. Maybe if our Libertarian or Green parties had thought of this tactic we wouldn't be in the state we're in now.
You know we're in a world of hurt when even the porn bloggers are taking pot shots at Washington politics.

Sitting on a reported fortune of $40 Billion, Putin makes our "elite" politicians look like paupers, so why he had to rig an election so he could stay on as top dog and get a job for his girlfriend is beyond my understanding. But then again it's good to be the Tsar. But the idea that the Kremlin needed some sex appeal so they brought in these lovely Olympic ladies is a form of cronyism I've never encountered.

The bunch of them have no other qualifications to represent their constituents other than they are attractive, have posed nude or nearly nude, and are famous former athletes. The short lived experiment in Russian democracy is now officially a farce [also not work safe, but read it for the article].

Good To Be The Tsar

George Bush looked into Putin's eyes and saw a future where he dumped his frumpy wife and moved into his Texas Compound with a flock of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.