Stupid Blog Tricks
By: Mark W Adams


Cliff at Sadly No! provides us with this handy Venn diagram, a map really, to help us navigate through the Right Wing clap-trap this weekend on our ever-lasting safari to find Teh Troof. And Teh Troof is that those that cannot get a legitimate job as a wingnut shill for the mainstream media fit right in at Ye Olde Politico's Narrative Distortion and Revisionist History Chop Shoppe.

Let's find some more Troof.

It's never too early to save the nation from heading down the path to ruin by derailing Chelsea Clinton's political future. Lord knows we can't afford anyone so closely influenced by a "neocon nuclear-madwoman" getting anywhere near "the button."

Neil the Werewolf channels Matt, who's channeling Ezra and Kevin, not realizing even in the wake of Hillary's "screw 'em" attitude towards anyone who hasn't kissed her ring lately that she's in full blown Bullworth Mode: "Come on, you're not gonna vote Republican!" Dudes, thinking outside the box involves a bit more original thought and a bit less of the circle jerk.

You might think that this is all backlash because Hillary Clinton has proven she's lost her mind, therefore meeting the definition of Teh Stupid -- which means she's really a Republican -- just not completely McInsanely stupid. If you think that's Teh Troof, and if it pisses you off you're right.

Alina KabaevaThe Daily Mail explores why slightly-soiled-senior-citizen Vladimir Putin might be so interested in the very flexible gymnast he's known at least since 2001 and denies he's leaving his wife for, or is even romantically involved with ... despite being caught kissing in a Moscow restaurant. But of course those Europeans are so kiss-happy it's hard to tell.

Teh pretty smart Ben Stein made a pretty stoopid movie about creation not being a product of Teh Stoopid, but Teh Smart, which the NY Times says is really Teh Sleaziest.

And of course, the one person that brings forth thoughts of Neocons, Sleaze and Expelled is Joe Lieberman, the very embodiment of a sleazeball neocon that should have been expelled from the Democratic Party long ago. Oh that's right, he was. I guess Harry Reid just missed the memo signed by the Democratic voters of Connecticut.

In other Stoopid news, a Tom "Bugman" DeLay protege is Bush's nomination to head HUD in another case of crony incompetence -- hiring a guy to oversee the housing crisis who has no idea what he's doing, unless you count getting rid of termites.

Ezra explains why the media makes us Teh Stoopid, in words even Teh Stoopid can understand. Ann Althouse gazes at her belly button, insisting it's not Stoopid, but that the Village Voice is Stoopider, but at least spelled her name right.

Andy Sullivan remembers his Orwell -- the one you read in high school, not college, and calls Hillary a pig.

The Pentagon lies to you. This is really not news, just confirmation.

Finally, you'll be glad to know you can rest easy about all that torture stuff since the Justice Department's ethics guys are now investigating whether giving Bush and Cheney a CYA memo saying torture is okie-dokie is ethical, or ... you know, okie-dokie. Do they impanel a grand jury or make any arrests, no. Fucking weasels.