Putin Holds Press Conference, Denies American Street Report
By: Mark W Adams

In a startling development to a story that has been floating around for a week, but finally coming to a head once reported on the highly influential blog American Street, Russian leader Vladimir Putin bowed to pressure and held a press conference this morning to address the issue mere hours after reports first appeared on the pages of this blog that he was leaving his wife of 25 years and planning to marry the 25 year old former Olympic champion gymnast and recently elected member of the Russian Parliament, (and extremely flexible) Alina Kabaeva.
Putin's Plaything?

The former KGB agent now worth over 40 Billion Dollars denied everything, and by that I mean he stated that, "There is not a single word of truth" to our story."

But in a surprisingly revealing and frank exchange with the press while appearing with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (no stranger to scandal and enormous wealth himself) the image of Putin, as a ladies man is forever secure.
"In other publications of the same type, the names of other successful, beautiful young women from Russia are mentioned," he said. "I think it won't be unexpected if I say that I like them all — just as I like all Russian women."
Putin's Plaything?Dude! You are a bigger horn dog than we thought. Not content to be tied down to just one pretty girl half his age, he specifically left the door open for romance with all the new young female athletes that won Parliament (Duma) seats in Russia's recent elections which were indeed referred to in our first report.

This guy not only leads his party, he knows how to party.

However, while clearly loving the attention, Putin did not want to offend his female constituents, so he made a pass at all of them.
He called Russian women "the most talented and beautiful" in the world.
Okay, Vlad. Now we know you're bullshitting us. What's wrong? Cold feet? The old lady giving you trouble and won't sign the divorce agreement? The little trollop won't sign the pre-nup? Come on Vlad, give it up. How flexible is she?
"If anyone can compete, it may be only Italian women," Putin said, in a nod to his Italian hosts.
Okay, that's true. Italian women are sexy, and it probably was prudent to say so while there. Otherwise there was no way you were going to get any local action -- you dog.