Get A Clue Armando
By: Mark W Adams

Dude, I mean this a brother in arms, but this new litmus test for progressive bloggers that you aren't a real progressive unless you keep fighting Hillary's battles long after she should have passed the torch is ridiculous.

Got a problem with that? Think about how foolish you look when a right wing tool like Instalinker (who also doesn't like to deal with contrarian commenters) praises you for praising Bob (who never takes comments) when he slams Josh (who at least answers email) -- all because your candidate hasn't gotten her fair share of respect from the MSM since the 90's.

(And maybe if Bob had updated his site with 21st century technology, more people would link to him if they could read his usually outstanding diatribes in their RSS reader.)

It's so over, so get over it. Come on man. Hillary, no matter how deserving is not going to be the nominee. Bill moved the goal posts again by saying she must win North Carolina, although Obama is running away with N.C. and making a contest out of Pennsylvania. Even if the Clintons' personal fortune is absolutely secure, her campaign is broke.

So please, for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, at least remember what Atrios advises and reserve the personal insullts for the wingnuts.

Keep fighting for your candidate, what the hell do I care, just tone down on the bridge burning. Josh Marshall has don't more for liberal causes and bringing a left perspective into general distribution than Big Tent Democrat or Somerby have. Not for lack of trying, but the guy does more than rant from the comfort of home. He and his team still do actual reporting, so lighten up. He's on our side.

Wanna keep bashing someone. Go back to picking on KOS. At least then you're bashing a leftie who is just another lazy blogger.