Speaking For Me
By: Mark W Adams

... and everyone who agrees with me.

I am now dumber for having watched Meet The Press Today.

MR. RUSSERT: Mary Matalin, basically he's saying to John McCain, "Don't say we're staying for a long time, because we can't," and saying to Clinton and to Obama, "Don't say you're getting out quickly, because it's going to take a little time."

MS. MATALIN: Right. So--but, but what he's essentially saying, and the argument that's going to be before the electorate and why the Democrats are going to lose this argument is are we at war? If you think this is a situation to be managed, then you have a set of criteria for going forward. If you think it's a war, if you think they are at war with us and we need to, to defend ourselves, then we have to figure out a way to deploy what we have that ensures our security. And it's, it's going to look different--we've been saying the same thing for five years--than it's--than any previous war's ever looked at. And what the Democrats are trying to do, because they cannot win this argument that we're not at war, now they want to talk about the cost. So their, their, their subargument is then the cost of defeat is less than the cost of victory. So...

Tell you what. I'll start believing we're really in some kind of existential battle with MuslamoNazism for the very survival of mankind (like Cheney's walking talking point Mary Matalin would like) IF her kind would would stop saying "the most successful, efficient government program in American history" is in some kind of crisis.

Or not.

Either way, it boils down to: they broke it, they refuse to fix it, we don't want them breaking anything else. In fact, they need a long time-out.

UPDATE: speaking of speaking for me ... Brad DeLong speaks for me.