Where Da White Women At?
By: Mark W Adams

PhotobucketSpeaking out my ass.

Oh lighten up. You just knew this was coming.

John Aravosis at AMERICAblog notes the first clear sign of a voter backlash against Hillary, and that her strongest supporters, white women, have lost their determination to keep Senator Clinton in the race at all costs.

Maybe the ladies will flock back if she tells them the story of how armed with only a canteen full of Jim Beam, she was able to single-handedly defeat the Serbian Death Squads by beating Milosovich in a game of eight-ball while protecting Chelsea from snipers by using Sinbad as a human shield,

... and then fed the press pool reporters a delicious bar-b-que dinner of cookies made from pine tree bark (many parts of which are edible)

... and an elk she caught herself ... by making a bow from her brassier and an arrow from a quail feather

... butchered and skinned with a piece of broken glass

... while naked from the waist up

... and dancing The Hustle

... at 3am.


Ara said...

You. Crack. Me. Up!

Ara said...

...but, seriously Mark, shame on you. It wasn't Jim Beam. It was Crown Royal.

Mark W Adams said...

Crown Royal is only the version of events fit for consumption by the reality based community in State's which border Canada -- even if it's just a trifling bit of a panhandle touching Lake Eire whose only purpose is to collect tolls from people commuting between Cleveland and Buffalo.

It's bourbon east of the Rockies, Tequila in the Southwest, the chaser was White Zinfedel on the West Coast -- and back home in Arkansas she guzzled a quart of moonshine and followed it up with a plug of chewing tobacco.

That's her story(ies) and she's sticking to it(them).