Clinton Concern Trolls
By: Mark W Adams

The Anonymous Liberal get's it exactly right.
In case that wasn't clear enough, today she said: "Senator Obama's remarks are elitist, and they are out of touch. They are not reflective of the values and beliefs of Americans."

That's not just concern trolling. That's flat out validation of the worst Republican-created stereotypes about Democrats. It's hard for me to imagine anything she could say that is more myopic and reckless. Clinton has gone way too far on this one.
Needless to say, the stink of Richard Mellon Scaife and Grover Norquist, Hillary's new BFF's, have rubbed off on her. The right-wing smears and politics of personal destruction were something I remember defending the Clinton's against for years. Now they've made it a centerpiece of her campaign.

And I'm frankly disgusted by it. Here's the hint. If you use right wing tactics and quote right wing serial dissemblers to support those right wing tactics, you are a right wing tool no matter what your politics.

There's seems to be a lot of "this is fucking obvious" preambles lately preceding blogging points, myself included. Perhaps this is why:
My response, in case it needs to be spelled out: Yes, all this might be fair game ... IF OBAMA WEREN'T OVERWHELMINGLY LIKELY TO BE THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE!!!

--Noam Scheiber

Hillary's campaign has hit rock bottom. It's in terminal condition, malignant and contagious. Hopefully Doctors Gore and Carter read the no resuscitation order and quickly and quietly put her out of our misery.

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Ara said...


You're right of course about Hillary. She's looking more and more like this year's model of Joe Lieberman.

After hearing Bill bring up Bosnia yet AGAIN, my son actually called me and asked, "Was he like this in 92?"

Now comes news that white women, Hillary's bedrock demo, are starting to drift away from her. And, oh by the way, they aren't going with McCain.

Even SNL hit her last night, perhaps worried that viewers think they're in the tank for her, or maybe...she's just become a cartoon. After all, if it's all about bringing the funny, she offers up a pretty good target.