Just Two Seconds
By: Mark W Adams

Listening to Bernard Goldberg hawk his new book, Crazies To The Left Of Me, Wimps To The Right, on MSNBC's Morning Joe, he said that all he asked of the crazy, Phil Donohue left is two seconds to acknowledge, to celebrate the end of Saddam Hussein's torture chambers and the host of atrocities he would mete out on his enemies. We should spend a little more time cheering an end to the most vicious regime on the planet.

We did. Those two seconds were about five years ago. We've moved on Bernie. why don't you.

Sadly, no. the author of such "objectively impartial" tomes as Bias and 110 People Who Are Screwing Up America just can't let go of his thrilling series of dismissively deriding liberals who despite being absolutely correct in their assessment of the Administration and our grand adventure in Iraq, a position Goldberg agrees with, still thinks we should genuflect to The Awesum stuff accomplished in this ill-fated mission.

I distinctly remember the made for prime time TV toppling of Saddam's statue, the purple fingers, the fiend found in the fox hole, the delousing, trial and hanging of the despicable dictator. I remember the corners turned when his two sons got their just desserts, the capture of the criminals on that infamous deck of cards, the children slapping their shoes against his ubiquitous portraits, and that goofy yet always entertaining Baghdad Bob telling anyone who would listen that they would beat back the infidel as our tanks rolled in the background.

We smiled, Bernie. Great stuff, really. Mission Accomplished, lets go home.

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