Wheeler Connects La'faire Plame To Rent-A-General
By: Mark W Adams

In case you missed it, wander over to Marcy Wheeler's exposé connecting one of Rumsfeld's Rent-A-Generals, Fox "analyst" Gen. Paul E. Kelly (Ret), to lies he told about Joe Wilson that were just as brazen as the lies he told the American people about the war.

Fellow FDLer Thers takes the meta-view on the whole idea that We The People are legitimate targets for psy-ops "evangelizing and radicalizing the American people for the purposes of crushing the mighty forces of Islamofascism" -- and systematically destroys this pony-quest by clearly insane wingnuts everywhere.

Now this really doesn't so much clear up the ethics and utility questions about hoodwinking the America so much as spotlight our gullibility despite being an inherently skeptical people. We want to believe our lying eyes, that our government really is constituted of sincere, patriotic, honest and competent men and women -- when nothing could be further from the truty.