Michigan Problem Solved
By: Mark W Adams

I've been linking to Marcy Wheeler a lot lately, 'cause she's on a roll and a half. She's gone from linking the Scooter Libby trial to the Rent-A-General scandal at the beginning of the week, to solving the problem of seating the Michigan delegation to the Democratic Convention in such a fair, imaginative and poetically just manner that there is no possible way the powers-that-be will ever buy something that makes so damn much sense.

The plan: seat the elected delegates just the way they are (Clinton will net only 11-16 delegates over Obama) and DON'T seat their SuperDelegates -- the idiot politicians that gave us this clusterphuque in the first place. If the muckety-mucks insist they deserve to go to Denver, there are 14 "at large" seats they can fill.

Oh, and make 'em ride coach.

Punish the politicians without cries of disenfranchisement!! Perfect.

Never. Gon. Na. Happen.