Broderific Idea: More and Better GOP Socialists
By: Mark W Adams

David Broder donned his anthropological pith helmet and embarked on an excursion to the wilds of Mississippi, where he unsurprisingly found confirmation of his astonishingly myopic point of view.

And what did he find in the deepest part of the poverty stricken South? That if Republicans are to prevent their own extinction, they better stop acting like typical Republicans. They better start giving a damn about the economic train wreck 40 years of right and center-right supply-side social Darwinism has wrought.

Broder's discovery that poor people vote inspires trollish concern that financial devastation in traditional GOP strongholds trumps allegations of slick Democratic bamboozlement and isn't working like it used to. According to Broder a "fair fight" is to counter John McCain's "free-market ideas for creating more jobs, improved schools and better health care," with an attack on his stupidity 30 years ago opposing MLK Day.

There is no mention that McCain and the GOP's financial plans are hollow empty promises that are being debunked (finally) effectively the by the left on their (lack of) merits, that the Republicans own the recession just like they own the war in Iraq, and that the Democrats need not attack McCain's character and lack of sensitivity when his ideas are more of the same -- and lousy.

No David, a "fair fight" is going directly after McCain's lack of economic prowess, the out-of-touch, irresponsible exploitation that is the foundation of Republican philosophy which is what Obama (at least) has been doing. It's fairER and very effective.

Ceiling Cat Sez:

U gotz board in ur eye!

Taek teh board out of ur eye furst dumass.

Naturally, the last thing Broder wants to do is really show us what a fair fight looks like. That would only serve to highlight McCain's (and Broder's) complete ignorance of what it is to try and eek out a living beyond the pampered halls of Versailles on the Potomac.

No. Much better to imply that the GOP "get's it," just saying it wrong or emphasizing the wrong issues and should offer a more populist message -- ignoring the complete lack of substance in their proposals and utter flim-flamery as they dress up like heroes of the masses for the day. They simply cannot credibly preach the Gospel of economic justice while standing in a ghetto, proving they understand distress because they sign up for the guided tours of Selma, Youngstown, the Ninth Ward and the other "forgotten places" they really don't give a damn about except how a showing of compassion -- exploiting the areas once again -- might prove they aren't beneath contempt for their part in laying waste to the people who don't have lobbyists driving his bus and fighting for their cause.

Che McRove

In his call for the GOP to remove their blinders, Broder offers shiny objects to distract, not address the very real problems this nation faces, chief among them is that governing in a way that only preserves the prerogatives of the pampered is one of the root causes of the disgraceful neighborhoods McCain and Mr. Broder toured in the richest and most powerful nation on earth.