Limbaugh Inciting Riots and Other Fright Wing Idiots
By: Mark W Adams

The first item on the list of Friday's Fabulous Fright Flingers comes from Richard Blair's tip that "El Rushbo" Limbaugh is exhorting his retarded followers to stage riots at the Democratic Convention in Denver this summer, proving that the hatemonger is the undisputed champion of despicable pond slime everywhere .

in Denver, the Democrat Convention would see to it that we don’t elect
Democrats,” Limbaugh said during Wednesday’s radio broadcast. He then
went on to say that’s the best thing that could happen to the country…

…Limbaugh said with massive riots in Denver, which he called “Operation Chaos,” the people on the far left would look bad.

Just so we're clear on the mind-set here. Riots staged by mouth-breathing fans of Rush Limbaugh will make the left look bad? ... Right?

Steven D. at Booman Tribune has the definitive take-down on this embarrassment to the human race:
the right wing media's version of Emperor Nero, divorced from reality,
fiddling while less fortunate Americans than himself, fat and happy
with the millions of dollars generated by his caustic brew of hatred,
spite and ill will, slowly burn. Ten percent of Ohioans are on food
stamps and he merrily calls for riots at the Democratic convention.
What kind of man does such a thing? For there is a word that describes
this type of person and I don't mean sociopath, for that gives Rush an
out, makes his foul deeds the result of a diminished moral capacity.
No, the word is one any right wing conservative ought to recognize
since they use it themselves so often. That word is traitor. Rush
Limbaugh is an evil toad and a traitor to democracy, to our
Constitution and to our Nation. He doesn't participate in the violence
he glorifies, but he is its primary advocate on the right, and for
Bush's wars as well. So convinced of the righteousness of "his cause"
he willingly appeals to the worst sides of our nature, hoping to
inspire others to do the deeds he lacks the spine to do himself.
Limbaugh wannabee, Hugh Hewitt, in an episode of Teh Stoopid interviewing the Really Fucking Dumb, had Doug Feith on his show promoting Feith's new coloring book, War and Decision.

reporting on this Great Moment In Delusion includes the observation
that the Feith says the reason we gave up on going after Al Qaeda and
invaded Iraq was because our C-Plus Augustus "decided immediately after 9/11 that our main goal was not retaliation, but preventing the next attack."

again Mr, Feith? Did you guys have intel that Osama escaped Tora-Bora
and got on a bus to Baghdad and was going to book another jet ride to
Poukeepskie from there?

Doug Bandow pens an analysis of John McSame's approach to foreign policy and concludes it's "a form of neoconservatism squared."
you have to do is threaten everyone around you, and they will kowtow.
Talk a little more loudly, brandish your military stick a bit more
tightly, and you'll get what you want. If you don't, no problem, just
bomb away and you will emerge victorious, so long as you are determined
and willing to spill as much blood and treasure as necessary. That's
clearly McCain's position in Iraq and likely would govern his approach
to any other conflict.

If you ever need to make the case that "warmonger" is an appropriate label for "Ace" McSame, there's your link.

in a rare Twofer, the septuagenarian (that's "old" for those of you who
went to school in Ann Arbor) makes the list again for his musings on
what to do about post-Katrina New Orleans.
We need to go back to have a conversation about what to do: rebuild it, tear it down, you know, whatever it is.
That's not an example of a Fright Winger deliberately trying to use fear, but it sure is scary as hell to think John "Let Them Eat Cake" McPain has a chance to be in charge.

Meanwhile, Swopa notes that the rationing of rice
by Wal-Mart to a year's supply per person per day is the cause of
speculators, not any kind of shortage. And yet instead of trying to fix
the problem by coming down on the speculators, the usual suspects see
another opportunity to put their disaster capitalism ideas to work
while people panic needlessly.

Fear is Good, at least for hedge fund managers.