By: Mark W Adams

Today I learned several things about whores. For instance, Allison Kilkenny thinks John McCain is a Big F*cking Whore.

That wasn't really news, but she helpfully provided a dictionary definition that went beyond prostitution or promiscuity, but also included male prostitutes and just about anyone who generally engages in "venal or unscrupulous" behavior.

McCain's a big time war hero, so he tells us, and should be able to take that kind of insult in stride since he's well known to dish it out with a vengeance. Generally I've found that ladies take it much more personally when they are called whores than men do, for pretty obvious reasons. So when Randi Rhodes called Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi Big F*cking Whores, you just knew there was going to be some fallout.

Yep, she's suspended. Indefinitely from what I can tell. (That means fired Gerry, so as Bill says, "just chill.") I'd expect this kind of disciplinary action against an on-air personality who puts her network and it's affiliates at risk of getting a fine from the FCC for vulgarity.

What's that? She wasn't on the air but at public appearance in San Francisco? Is that right? In fact, it was something she said two weeks ago? Odd. I'm still learning I guess.

Purely from a free speech viewpoint, regardless of how obnoxious Randi can be, this reeks if you can get canned for something you said off the air even if it was at an Air America sponsored public event.

Dem on Dem violence, even rhetorical, sucks. But politics is hard-ball. You just know she'd be congratulated on calling the President of the United States any assortment of names even if he is our legally empowered overlord, miserable fucking dick-face that he is.

Frankly, Air America's Chairman's lame statement is just too vague and pantie-waist to pass the smell test.
"Air America encourages strong opinions about public affairs but does not condone such abusive, ad hominem language by our Hosts,"
Spare me, Okay? You damn well do too. It just so happens that these F*cking Whores were Chairman Kireker's F*cking Whores.

Randi could have (and surely has) said similar things about any number of Wingnut Fascists currently running our government. Her targets had "D's" after their names and the boss got pissed off. The guy's got no balls, especially if he was too much of a weenie to give Rhodes fair warning to knock off bashing Democrats, since she's been on Clinton's case for months.

I'm by no means a big fan of Randi Rhodes. I love Stephanie Miller, rarely miss Big Eddie Schultz since I'm in the car when he's on, picking up kids from assorted schools. Randi's pretty angry, that's her schtick, and always on the cutting edge of "taking it to the man," even if it's a woman. Sometimes she's awesome, hilarious even. Sometimes she goes too far, or at least further than any of the other folks at Air America.

I know this: Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh could have said the exact same things about the exact same women and never been touched. Bill O'Reilly could have said it on the air and the network would have bought him a new falafel.

Randi's only real screw up here was thinking that doing what they always paid her to do would be something they would continue to pay her to do. I know what I just wrote made no sense at all, but neither does firing the most notoriously caustic host on your network make any sense when what she said wasn't even broadcast and completely within her character.

Name the politician out there that hasn't engaged in "venal or unscrupulous" behavior. They're all Big F*cking Whores. From where I sit, Rhodes was fired not only for pissing off the boss and voicing her opinion (for which she is contracted to do), but also for telling the truth.

Now before you start telling me about polite society, the First Amendment, party loyalty, or how you hate/love/don't-care-for Randi/Hillary/Nancy or Obama (or why John McCain really doesn't take it up the ass for lobbyist money), save for a few ridiculous Clinton bloggers where was the outrage when Tina Fey told her SNL audience that Hillary was a bitch? Randi got fired for the same reason she was hired -- she's Randi Rhodes, a Huge Bitch if ever there was one.

Legally, I think Air America ought to offer to buy out Randi's contract and throw in some extra severance pay. They don't want this to go to court, and they don't want to lose, which I think is a distinct possibility. They don't want a judge and jury to listen to a montage of all the nasty stuff that has come out of their network over the years, especially if they get into the Janeane Garofalo archives. Whew.

It's not like she said anything about Hillary or Nancy's hair, like it was too stringy or ... nappy.

Yeah, AA could win the eventual lawsuit. A lot depends on the ethics/morals clauses in the contract which usually would justify the Network's actions. They really don't want to though, do they? This really needs to go away, so just send Randi away with a check in her pocket and call it a learning experience. I am.