What's Wrong With Matt Drudge?
By: Mark W Adams

I understand the urge to scoop the world, and the frustration of not getting a story out there before someone else beats you to the punch. If you look at the front page of American Street today, there are at least two stories I thought about covering that I won't now. This is of course a testament to the quality of work the stable of fine contributors Kevin Hayden has brought together -- a group I feel privileged to be with.

But Drudge outing Prince Harry's deployment to Afghanistan is no mere scandal he exposed or some kind of nefarious cover-up of wrong-doing. There's no salacious information that anyone, anywhere needed to know -- and no doubt lives were put at risk due to Matt Drudge.

As a direct result of Drudge's irresponsible actions, something described with typical understatement as "regrettable" by the British Government, ongoing operations against the very organizations that perpetrated 9/11 were disrupted.

I won't hold my breath for Drudge to be accused of Treason by the usual suspects (or some other obscure "illiterature[sic]" wingnut).


Anonymous said...

Its not that Drudge broke the story, its that no other media outlet that broke it previously has the audience Drudge did. I disagree entirely with his decision to run with it and I think its dangerous, but at least get your facts straight. But what can anyone expect from a brainwashing, truth--twisting ideology? Did you have the same reaction when the NY Times exposed National Security secrets on their front pages or are you so blinded by BDS that you faithfully stuck to your bush=hitler narrative and proudly supported the NYT's decision to get people killed? I'm much more worried about people such as yourself breeding than any "pure bread" white conservative couple.

0 comments, 0 comments, 0 comments, 0 comments, 0 comments, ad infinitum.

Well at least you and the Times have the same readership issues. Tool.

Shock me and leave this comment up. I dare you.

Mark W Adams said...

Shock me and attach your real name to the next bit of psycho-babble you spew.

Dean Esmay said...

I almost never read Drudge and I always cringe when I or one of my contributors links it. It's a terrible site.

Mark W Adams said...

Doctor, it hurts when I do that...

Then don't do that, Dickhead...

That'll be $65.00, please see the nurse on your way out. And here's a prescription for some common fucking sense you can pick up at any pharmacy.