Obligatory Post Debate Reaction
By: Mark W Adams

Hillary, please don't quit your day job and go out on the stand-up comedy circuit.

Other than that, now you know why John Edwards is still polling at 9% here in the Buckeye State.

He's still on the ballot here, hmm......

Did anyone else get the feeling that these two were just going through the motions, that they (especially Obama) know it's over.

I usually like debates. What, you think I do this for my health? The fame and fortune? I need none of these trifles. I watch debates and blog about it for the love of .. for the, uh ... for the love of God why do I torture myself so? This one was down right boring and I kept zoning out.

It wasn't as bad as some of the GOP debates, but even they were more exciting since they kept me more involved shouting obscenities at the television. I think I only managed one F-bomb tonight.

My best moment was when at long last Obama finally showed ever so subtly that he'd had just about enough of her when she said he would bomb Pakistan.

His eyes did a quick roll-over and he softly went, "Pfft!" and let her continue, waiting his turn to set the record straight.

After a week of called a liar and being compared to Bush and Karl Rove, Obama did an outstanding job keeping his cool when she did to him exactly what she bitched about him doing to her -- right in his face. (Yeah yeah, bitch is a misogynist descriptor. Quit yer bitchin'.)

If anyone's minds were changed/made-up as a result of this debate I'd be shocked, especially after 18 minutes of the opening focusing on the minutiae of two health care plans that are as about as different as night and later that same night. I think their greatest contribution to health care is now we have recordings of this debate to use as a cure for insomnia.