The Importance of Independents and Independence
By: shep

by shep

It’s a draw. Barak Obama, the African American candidate who has overcome his lack of name recognition, young age, establishment connections and pedigree within the Democratic Party to run dead even with Hillary Clinton, the female candidate and Democratic pillar, for the Democratic presidential nomination. Most likely, one of them will make history as the next President of the United States. What a great day and what a nourishing moral victory for America, in contrast to the unqualified wretchedness and shame of the last eight years of Republican rule.

So powerful is the Obama rise that even queens of conservative evil, so to speak, and (at least) theoretical supporters of sister Hillary Clinton feel compelled to offer reasons why the Barak Obama phenomenon may be good for America. I humbly offer two more:

One, as just evidenced above and proved by every primary election so far, Barak Obama has substantial appeal among Independent voters. In our inexplicably close partisan political competition, these inexplicable voters often inexplicably hold the key to electoral success. With them Al Gore and/or John Kerry would have been our most recent presidents, probably avoiding untold government corruption, malfeasance and treason, starting with the Iraq war (if not the otherwise successful 9/11 attack on America). Barak Obama can carry many of these tragically important voters that Hillary Clinton probably never will. And John McCain enjoys strong support with this group even before so-called conservatives betray their “principles” (again) to vote for him.

Second, once all has been decided, a President Obama would be free to govern this nation without particular fealty to interests that have plagued this country for decades, interests in which Hillary Clinton is heavily invested and obliged. From campaign funding to corporatist vs populist policy to crass and dangerous "national security" political alliances, a President Obama would have fewer obligations to the ruling class oligarchy that has inflicted such tremendous damage to our nation and the world. That may frighten the invested, the ignorant, and the prejudiced but it is, without doubt, our only chance to surmount the challenges that confront us.

And, to echo and reinforce the oft remarked ability of Barak Obama “to sweet talk people into saying yes to his ideas,” this will be an essential quality to move the people the pursue their own political and economic self interest rather than follow the conventional corporatist wisdom as framed by both political centrist gasbags and rightwing talk radio nutjobs.

It may turn out to be a wise gamble to roll the dice for Independents and independence and for President Barak Obama.

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