Note To Hillary Shills
By: Mark W Adams

Especially you two, give it up. You're making fools of yourselves.

Lord knows there's enough sexism out there, as well as racism and other forms of bias. You really don't need to invent it.

People are allowed to have opinions, even working journalists. Indeed, it is impossible not to have them and exceedingly difficult not to bring the sum total of all your experience into what you write and say publicly.

But let's be clear. There are plenty of reasons not to like/trust/want Hillary Clinton. Jumping to the misogyny conclusion without some kind of overt evidence, some obvious pattern of behavior -- especially to accuse Obama of such sexism is insane.

Likewise, it doesn't mean you're a racist if you don't like/trust/want Barack Obama, including Senator Clinton (or Joe Biden) characterizing his rhetorical style.

You people are fools to be fighting amongst yourselves, creating insult where none exists, stuffing old shirts full of straw only to burn them at the slightest provocation.

There are REAL bigots among us. No slur to low or obviously far fetched for them to dissemble. And they're loving this.

Some of the insults from Reich Wing Blogistan are just so despicable, so horribly delusional, I shouldn't even link them, let alone offer a quote:
Am I the only one who's noticed just how much Barak Obama's campaign rhetoric resembles George W. Bush's, circa 2000?
Yes dickhead, you are.

Are we all clear now?