It's A Party For The Party
By: Mark W Adams

Super Delegates, Schmooper Delegates. The convention is a long way off.

Please spare me from any more drivel about the public acquiescing to the whims of a party elite being somehow equivalent to Soviet sheeple bowing under pressure from some Politburo:
[...] once the people at large have internalized the notion that it is okay for an elite group of philosopher kings to make decisions for them, then the people have internalized and institutionalized their own oppression.
Yes, just what I need more of, some wise sage explaining why super delegates are so seemingly powerful -- and how it will be the end of us all. Spare me, mm'kay?

Governors, Senators, Congresscritters and members of the DNC (and yes, former Democratic Presidents) get to vote at the party's convention because they ARE the face, the leadership of the Party. They represent the heart and soul of the Party.

They earned it. They get their ticket punched because they did more than you or I did to get a Democrat in office. They did more fundraising, made more phone calls, showed up for more votes, did more organizing and campaigning and spent more time on it than anyone -- because they did it for themselves. It's a perk of office, something to be expected.

How they vote, just like how you vote, is their choice.

If you want that kind of influence, put down the laptop, get your ass down to the board of elections, and run for something. It's a free country -- pretty much anyway.