SkipTacular! It's Blogroll Amnesty Day
By: Mark W Adams


It's Fabulicious!

It's Skippy's Blogroll Amnesty Day!!!

Well, actually it's the whole weekend, and there's some dispute as to when it really started, by whom, and where, but here it is.

The rules are real simple. Go update your blogroll with links from all the nice people who've been linking to you, link some more of the folks you link to but don't have on the blogroll, and put in a good word or link to some of the folks who's blogs you've been lurking around and meant to put on your blogroll but never got around to it.

Any questions?

I'm working on it. I long ago gave up on Blogrolling.com and I manually edit my blogroll -- mainly as a courtesy to you dear reader since that site would hang on occasion and slow things down.

But as a taste, some additions as very linkworthy folks are Why Now, who right now has exposed an even nastier varmit than a Bush Kangaroo.

I'll be updating the roll with any of the Street Urchins I don't have up there yet, but here's a shout out to the gang:

Short list,

and the long list too.
I know, I know, the long list isn't all that much longer. sue me.

Look, if you're reading this and I don't have you on my blogroll and you have me on yours, shame on me. Let me know and I'll fix it, cuz that's just horrible of me.

Meanwhile, I need to tell you about Bruce McF's very neat idea. He's got this blog, see, and he posts every night just before midnight and hangs out there to chat with people who stop by and comment on his post for about half an hour or so. He calls it Burning The Midnight Oil.

The thing is, he has cleverly disguised his blog as a nightly Kos Diary! Now, the best thing I can do for him in the way of linking his "site" is a link to his user page at Daily Kos, which will display a preview of his latest Midnight Special (and no, I did not coin that phrase). Since Bruce has me on his blogroll at D-K, I think I better return the favor. Hi Bruce!

(So how much did Bill in Portland Main manage to gin up to continue the cheers and jeers series?)

Of course since I'm handing out links just for the linkyness of it, I would be remiss not to give a bit of linky love to Ara at E.Pluribus Unum and Rosemary The Queen of All Evil, at whose blogs I try to make a nuisance of myself.


BruceMcF said...

Hey, my blog does so have a link.


Now, every once in a great while someone else will get a dKos post up that refers to the band "Midnight Oil", and it will automatically get added to my blog.

And I don't really think that's a bad thing!

The main feature of the blog is the rotating diary roll, where diaries are added on an ongoing basis, with the diaries added during the previous day forming the basis of the new diary roll.

The main drawback is that two clicks are required to get to the blog ... one to get to the blog archive, and from there to the current blog page.

But that's something I see as a benefit ... two while clicks helps keep the worst of the online riff raff out.

Unknown said...

Great list, Mark! I think you're on my main blog, but if not, I will correct the mistake.

Hope you're well.

dave b